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Give yourself the time to just be.

I offer in-person sessions in Berkeley and Petaluma, CA.

For online sessions get in touch.

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Berkeley, CA

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Petaluma, CA

Luxury Spa

Massage & Bodywork

Sessions range from 60 min - 2 hrs | $120 and up

Sliding Scale Available

My Massage soothes and relaxes, incorporating warm stones and aromatherapy to release your tensions, nourish and nurture your body and refresh your spirit. .  I often add in cupping, and gua sha to open up the lymphatic system and release stuck patterns pain. Firm but intuitive, therapeutic while also nurturing.  Let’s discover your ideal touch for deepest relaxation, and healthy change.

Ritual Breath Work and Ceremonial offerings

Sessions range from 2 - 3 hrs

To create a personal self-care ceremony. As a feminine mystic I have studied many spiritual paths, am trained in Celtic shamanism, and have a deep connection with the Devic realms of the Fae and Nature Spirits.  I am ordained to perform rituals of belonging, marriages, rites of passage, ocean baptisms, grief rituals and truly enjoy crafting unique ritual experiences for my clients.

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5 Elemental Sessions

5 Session Package | 3 hrs each | $1500

Extend your healing journey with a season of healing . Each session includes a 2-hour breath and 1-hour bodywork session and incorporates spiritual coaching to assist in aligning with life goals or healing focuses.  By harnessing the energies and influences of the season and the elements, we are able to shed stuck patterns and anchor in a new and vibrant way to be.  

Integration Coaching and microdose mentorship

Sessions range from 1-2 hours, bi-weekly or monthly 

I help people get the most out of the spirit medicine work they are doing.


Go deeper with immersive experiences

Online Sessions Available

I am open to online experiences by special request and love to work with people from all over the world. Reach out to me to let me know what you have in mind. Or, if you are not exactly sure, but you know that you wish to connect virtually, I can brainstorm further with you to create your perfect experience.

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Let’s find your path to healing together

Get in touch for a free consultation.

Thank you, I look forward to connecting with you!

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