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Experience the power of healing touch, aromatherapy & plant medicine



I believe that fostering connection to the Earth and Her Cycles creates a stronger connection to vibrancy and health of one's own body.

Self care is Self Love.  Helping my clients to make strong, compassionate commitments to themselves and to respect their bodies as vessels of their innermost being brings me tremendous joy.  I help people reorient to themselves in a healthy and loving way and offer guidance to achieve greater satisfaction, clarity of purpose and balance through self-care and spiritual hygiene practices.  My bodywork is influenced by Ayurveda, deep intuitive massage, and blends elemental engagement with earthy embodiment practices, weaving and conjuring the senses thought touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.


My Services

Services are offered in-person in Berkeley or Petaluma, CA as well as virtually.


Weaving deep, nurturing touch  with aromatherapy, cupping, hot stones, and gua sha to release your tensions, nourish your body, and refresh your spirit.

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Rituals of Belonging

I help people claim their birthright of belonging by creating intentional thresholds for being reborn into new cycles and phases of life for individuals, couples, parents and groups. Weddings, Home-blessings, Elemental Rituals of grief, release and remembering the Grace of The Good

Microdose Work

Working with natures medicine can be profoundly healing and life transforming. Let me be your guide. Design a season of soulful intention. I will offer creative tools to help you make sense of what's revealed, 

deepening direct and intimate relations with the Divine within though self realization and devotion to what Life is asking for. 

*sacrament not included


Custom crafted self care anointments help to anchor in new parasympathetic patterns, helping to strengthen connections to Joy, Safety, Satisfaction and Positive Focus and Resilience


 Breathwork can support deep transformation and profound healing by  shifting patterns of mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance, creating more connection to purpose and to Source Love 

Venus Cycle Guidance

I will help you understand your astrological relationship with your Venus sign and how it guides you in being in touch with your deep desire, your purpose and your Inner Knower/Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit,  so that you can align with your flow state, the deep wells of creativity within, and allow yourself to transform through the power of dying to be reborn.

*Healing Disclaimer: I am not a physician and am not advising or prescribing medicine but rather offering support to people who, in their sovereign choice, are finding the best ways to heal and transform their lives.  My work thrives in the balance of equality and reciprocity and I ask that from the clients I work with. That we feel empowered to make our choices to the best of our abilities and that I offer support in self healing. I am not the lead here. You are.  When You are ready, you will open the door and let the Love of the Good in.

MY Theology & Healing PRACTICE

Embark on a transformative journey through the alchemy of touch, breath becoming and reclaiming more of you.

I enjoy crafting personalized bodywork, breath-work and intuitive coaching sessions that nourish the body, balance the mind and elevate the spirit to feel more freedom, grace and peace.

I love to weave the elements in through the warmth of hot stones and effectively targeted cupping to open up your muscles, break up long held tension patterns to create more range of motion and ease in your body.  Experience your rivers of rejuvenation as we open the flow of your lymphatic system, your rivers of life. Harmonizes your senses through potent and aromatic essential oils selected to support your unique constitutional needs and present body healing intentions. Bring healing through the breath of life, our first medicine.

Craft a wholistic healing pathway that incorporates all of you, your personal and spiritual goals and body healing intentions.  Its all connected and all part of your divine design.



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David. G

“Devin’s holistic approach to healing is essential to my well being. My body, mind and spirit are calm and grounded long after a session. Devin listens with her ears, her hands, her heart; that helps me to be more present. I am truly grateful for her care.”

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Cassandra H.

“I am so lucky that I found Devin... I’m a very busy massage therapist and I was recently involved in a car accident just before my yoga teacher training started. Devin helped me to unwind and her healing hands worked out so much of my tension. Thanks for the amazing treatment.”

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Rebecca L.

“Devin is calm, thoughtful, grounded and kind. Her massage is intuitive and a fabulous pressure. She found all the right places and helped me release so much held tension. I felt better than I had in two years afterwards! Highly, highly recommended.”

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Dr. Peter Leopold

“As a holistic doctor, I highly recommend everyone have someone like Devin as part of their self-care strategy. She is a gifted intuitive healer with an extensive skill set and decades of experience. Her treatment left me in a profound state of stillness and was deeply healing.”

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Mia C.

“Devin combines an excellent massage with firm strong hands, personalized essential oils, and warm stones. Her touch is intuitive, nurturing, and healing. Devin's healing body work is truly something special...transformational for both body and psyche.”

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Mani W.

“Devin's massages are superb! A few things she does differently than many: she mixes up her style to best meet the needs of your body. She'll give a wonderful lymphatic massage, working in some hot stones in there, and if my body needs it, do some cupping therapy, too. All this while also working in specialized essential oils meant to boost my entire therapy. She's a multifaceted healer and I leave every session feeling amazing.”

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Martin D.

“Devin is wonderful and healing. She is more than a massage therapist. She really is a healer on so many levels.”

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Mary Kate C.

“Devin is a wonderful massage therapist, and healer. I felt immediately comfortable in her cozy studio, where she took the time to chat and get to know me, and my needs. She is quite intuitive, zeroing in on tense areas with skill and assurance, but at the same time, making me feel nurtured and supported! I will definitely make future (and longer) appointments with Devin!”

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Terri L.

“Devin is a healer. I left her office not only feeling better physically but emotionally as well. I will definitely be back for more treatments. I recommend her services to anyone that needs/wants a healing touch.”


Let’s find your path to healing together

Get in touch for a free consultation.

Thank you, I look forward to connecting with you!

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